Aeroplanes and Seaplanes
Gulfstream G650 and Citation X vie for the world's fastest business jet. But if you need to land on a small strip you need a slow turbo-prop and if you have to lift an accident victim from the accident scene to a hospital fast, you most likely need a helicopter. Business jets are not designed to land anywhere or beside a highway and helicopters are not designed for a long cross-country flight. It is stating the obvious, but how many aircraft choices seem to follow this?

‘To execute the corporate mission’ is the answer to the business question ‘why do we have an aircraft ?’ If the aircraft is a personal aircraft, the ‘why’ may be ‘to enjoy flying’.

Business flying which is fun to one person and one company, can be a nightmare to another. In the world of business aircraft, whether your business is high tech, services, hospitality or acute care, the ‘why’ of the aircraft must be tied into the ‘why’ of the company. If it is not, then the aircraft may be a mismatch to your company’s mission. The closer the aircraft's mission can be tied into the reasons for the corporation's existence, the more secure the aircraft and aviation employees' jobs will be.