Rooftop Helipads
As cities grow and vehicular traffic jams increase, rooftop helipads and aerial routes would be the only answer to future movement needs. Public utilities and services like Hospitals, Police and Fire departments will require roof top helipads for quick reaction flights as much as any HNI whose time is precious. In some Indian cities, it is already mandatory to have a rooftop helipad for safety purposes, if the height of the building exceeds a given limit.

A chain is as strong as its weakest link and a rooftop helipad is as strong as the building on which it is constructed. We understand helicopters, the intricacies of rooftop helipads, ICAO and DGCA Regulations and statuary requirements to commission them. We involve ourselves from the time building is conceived till the helipad is commissioned.

In addition to activating and commissioning the helipad, we can also undertake selection of helicopter by the guests for safe flying operations from their rooftops. For us, your ‘Life and Time are Precious’. We mean it.