Helipad and Airport Audit
An aircraft or a helicopter is as safe as the airport or helipad it operates from. Our experts have been involved in commissioning airports, heliports and helipads and auditing helipads including rooftop and the busiest heliport in the world at Katra (J&K). We can:
Audit your helipad and airport, their facilities, equipment and procedures.
Formulate flying and helipad SOPs and advise you accordingly to ensure safe practises.
Up-grade your facilities, if warranted.
We ensure Regulatory compliance and thereby safe and secure flying operations from your airport and helipad.
Air Safety and Operations Audit
DGCA Regulations warrant that all Operators carry out two(2) Air Safety audits every year internally or by an expert agency to check the aviation practices in vogue for conducting safe flying. In addition, DGCA also carries out Surveillance checks, Ramp inspections, Route checks and Audits of all the Non Schedule Operators. Stakes and penalties can be very high.

Our experts have been involved in auditing State government aviation departments, big corporate houses like Reliance and Religare and almost all Non Schedule operators registered with DGCA. We know what it takes to keep you safe on ground and in the skies. We can carry out your organisation’s audits and advise you to ensure not only an incident/ accident free flying but also help you meet the statuary DGCA requirements to keep your aircrafts and helicopters airworthy at all times. Our objective is to ensure that your organisation identifies, accesses and evaluates laws and internal requirements for regulatory compliance.

We can also carry out Maintenance audit of your organisation to check how your aircraft is being maintained by your MRO and the maintenance practices being followed. You need to know how safe is the aircraft you fly in.