Selection of Aircrew, Cabin Crew & Management Staff
Your aircraft and helicopter are as safe as your pilot is. Also, your pilot is your Company’s ambassador and enjoys your faith since you not only trust your aircraft to him/ her but also your family, friends and guests. Same is true for the cabin crew because he/ she represents your company’s geniality. Thus selection of the right aircrew and cabin crew for the machine you fly, is very important. We can carry out the selection of aircrew and cabin crew for you by checking their professional, flight safety, accident records, aptitude and aspects which make them suitable for you and your company. What we look for in a crew is:
Professionally trained & certified
Reliable and trust worthy
Great communicators
Team players
CAP 3100 requires key appointments of an Operator to be trained aviation personnel to man, operate and manage flying and other allied activities. We will select the right and competent personnel and staff for your Company to ensure you fly hands off.
Advise on Operations and DGCA Matters
With introduction of CAP 3100, CAP 8100 and other international practices by DGCA, the regulatory requirements to operate the aircrafts and helicopters in the Indian skies have been streamlined. The requirements are specific and demanding. UAS experts can provide advice and guidance to our regular guests to meet the statuary requirements to fly uninterrupted.